Youth Conservation Program

VIDEO: Why The Coca-Cola Company Supports Grand Teton’s Youth Conservation Program

The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Foundation have generously supported Grand Teton National Park Foundation’s Youth Conservation Program for over eight years. Each summer Coca-Cola employee Quinton Martin joins the crew to help improve trails and get to know participants. Watch as Quinton weighs in on his company’s support of this impactful youth program.

Stephen P. Adamson, Jr. Outdoor Fund 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Stephen Adamson was an attorney who was passionate about wild places, outdoor adventure, and Grand Teton National Park. He inspired many who knew him to dream big and explore. Through a sponsorship fund established in his honor, we celebrate his life by giving young people a chance to do meaningful work in Grand Teton and to ultimately find their place in the natural world.

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