Grand Teton Wildlife - Bear Boxes
Grand Teton Wildlife - Bear Boxes


BEAR-RESISTANT FOOD STORAGE BOXES: Conserving Black and Grizzly Bears

To minimize the possibility of grizzly and black bears acquiring human food, GTNPF has partnered with GTNP to purchase and install bear-resistant food storage boxes in all front-country campsites and picnic areas throughout the park. Bears that become conditioned to seek human foods pose a risk to the safety of park visitors and often need to be trapped and relocated or, in some cases, removed from the population. Since the onset of this effort in 2008, the Foundation has funded the purchase and installation of over 600 bear boxes, helping to keep Grand Teton’s bears wild. Our goal is to help the park meet their goal of having a bear box in all front-country campgrounds and picnic areas.

Posts About This Initiative

Grizzly bear-human interactions: studies to unravel the relationships of humans and grizzly bears that occupy the same landscape, focused on developing techniques that will foster wild bear populations and safety-conscious visitor activities.

Collaborating to Protect Local Wildlife: Bear Wise Jackson Hole 2023 Achievements

Bear Wise Jackson Hole is a decades-long partnership between the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Grand Teton National Park, and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation that aims to provide community resources and educational tools to prevent conflicts ...

Help Protect Grand Teton’s Wildlife – Gift a Bear Box!

Looking for a great holiday gift for the wildlife enthusiast in your life? $2,500 funds a bear-resistant food storage box in Grand Teton National Park, with a 3 x 5 inch plaque to acknowledge your special person. They will also ...

Bear Aware – Be Prepared!

The first grizzly bear of 2023 was spotting in Grand Teton National Park! Now is a great time to get out your bear spray and review your skills. Being prepared is critical to how you respond to a potentially dangerous ...
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