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Increased visitation during the last several years has placed additional pressure on Grand Teton National Park’s resources and employees. Foundation funding supports innovative volunteer programs that bolster Grand Teton’s ability to provide visitors with a safe and enjoyable experience during their stay. These dedicated teams are an invaluable addition to Grand Teton that advance resource protection and education, while having a tremendous impact on the park and the millions of people who visit each year.


Grand Teton National Park Foundation


Tasked with facilitating safe interactions between visitors and animals, Grand Teton’s Wildlife Brigade members are part ambassadors, part compliance officers. This valuable group of volunteers manages roadside wildlife jams, patrols picnic areas for unsecured food, and shares educational information with visitors. By funding resources for topnotch training and everyday equipment needs, the Foundation ensures the Brigade’s effective operation year after year.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation


Record-breaking visitation and the Wild and Scenic designation of the Snake River have increased recreational use, causing more boating accidents. Snake River Ambassadors support the National Park Service by educating visitors about the potential hazards and necessary skills to navigate the river in Grand Teton National Park. By interacting with people at access points before they launch their boats, volunteers help increase safety and improve the river experience for park visitors.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation


String Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Grand Teton due to its stunning scenery, access to water activities, and proximity to hiking trails. Record visitation in recent years has created a variety of management challenges for the park in this area during the summer season. The String Lake Volunteer Team (aka String Lakers) provides on-the-ground support to NPS staff to help minimize human-wildlife conflicts, parking issues, and resource impacts. 2016 was the pilot year of String Lakers and a huge success—it was the first summer in recent memory with no significant human-wildlife interactions and zero food rewards in the area.


Hammer Corps Completes Successful Summer

Many of the cabins at the Bar BC Dude Ranch are being restored. The 2019 Foundation-funded Grand Teton Hammer Corps hosted fifty-four people this summer who completed over 1,440 hours of historic preservation work successfully. Residential groups included Tauck travel ...

A Day on the String Lake Brigade

String Lake has become one of the most popular places for visitors to explore Grand Teton National Park. The Foundation helped the park launch a volunteer program to help minimize impact and protect natural resources in the area. A member ...

A Day in the Life of the Wildlife Brigade

This summer Jeff Willemain, GTNPF board member, and his wife, Chris, volunteered on Grand Teton's Wildlife Brigade, a Foundation-funded volunteer program. Tasked with facilitating safe interactions between visitors and animals, Grand Teton's Wildlife Brigade members are a valuable group of ...
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