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In 1997, former Grand Teton Superintendent Jack Neckels, along with the late Jerry Halpin, gathered a small group of people together to share an interesting idea—that Grand Teton National Park should have a visitor center that rivals its natural magnificence. With vision and purpose, the group that became our founding board of directors set out to raise funds for a state-of-the-art visitor center that would provide a way for visitors to learn about the park and explore its features in an exciting, accessible way. The project was a success, and paved the way for the Foundation to leverage those founding ideals into much more for Grand Teton today. With expert guidance from our advisory boards and generous contributions from supporters and partners, we gift millions of dollars to the park each year.


Leslie A. Mattson: President.

Leslie A. Mattson


Grand Teton National Park Foundation

Wayne H. Turner

Vice President for Development

Elise Cheney Delmolino: Senior Director of Development Operations.

Elise Cheney Delmolino

Vice President of Development Operations



Brittany Matthews

Annual Fund Manager

Chris Portrait : Development Officer

Christen Girard

Development Officer


Devon Harrison

Assistant to the President


Grand Teton National Park Foundation

Lenea Luna

Database Administrator

Maddy Johnson: Communications Manager & Development Officer

Maddy Johnson

Director of Communications


Mary Patno: Accounting Manager.

Mary Patno

Director of Accounting


Megan Kerns

Development Associate


Molly Ruffle: Senior Major Gifts Officer

Molly Ruffle

Senior Major Gifts Officer


Ryan Kelly

Senior Director of Partnership Projects

Steve Cain: Development Officer

Steve Cain

Consultant & Advisor


Deborah Jensen Barker
Bruce M. Bowen
Chad Carlson
Maggie Gibson
Debbie Hechinger
Jeff Heilbrun
Tom Holland
Charlotte Krugh
Doug Mackenzie
Adrienne Mars
Mary McCarthy
Nancy McGregor Manne
Annie Morita
Sean O’Malley
Gina Pate Pierce
Ed Riddell
Anil Singh
Patti Stancarone
Ethan Steinberg
Susie Temple
John Townsend
Rob Wallace
Gregg Ward
Diana Waycott


Jessica Baker
Kendra Kolb-Butler
Jan Phillips Davis
Lynne Davis
Rich Dean
Robin Fields
Barry Gold
Kirsti Goodwin

Padgett Hoke
Edward Holstein
Adam Janak
Millie Jimenez
Leslie Jones
Ellen Karpf
Jake Lamarine
Max Ludington

Aly Mackenzie
Kate Moore
Clay Moorhead
Robert Morse
Hugh O’Halloran
Trina Overlock
Scott Page
Louise Parzick

Kevin Pluim
Catherine Rose
M. G. (Jerry) Rose
Charles Ross
Judy Singleton
Lisa Steele
Wayne J. D. Teetsel
Jim Waldrop

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