The Snake River: A Passage to Discovery

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the 10th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic designation of the headwaters of the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park Foundation is launching a multi-year campaign that will transform three popular river access points—Moose Landing, Pacific Creek Landing, and Jackson Lake Dam. Working in partnership with Grand Teton National Park, Snake River Gateways will address inadequate facilities and environmental damage to better connect people with this magnificent resource.

The project will enhance the visitor experience at each river launch site. By improving the flow of people and watercraft, reclaiming sensitive natural areas, building capacity to address safety, and creating spaces for visitors of all abilities, Snake River Gateways will foster a greater appreciation for and advance stewardship of one of the most iconic waterways in the West.

Work at the three locations will be guided by the Wild and Scenic Snake River Management Plan and reflect the designation’s standard for these rivers of distinction, including preservation of free-flowing conditions and water quality, as well as universal access and opportunities to connect with the river.

Click each project site on the map below to see current conditions and conceptual plans.

people walking down ramp as white 4Runner w/Utah plates and trailer is driving away

Pacific Creek Site Plan
Large overlook rendering at Pacific Creek Landing

Eroded river bank, admin buildings
Landing posts
Moose Landing Site Plan
Large rendering of interpretive plaza

New landing areas

Protecting the Ecosystem, Building the Connection

Currently, these sites have bare and compacted soils, eroded banks, damaged vegetation, deteriorated facilities, user-created trails, and poor functionality that fail to inspire a sense of stewardship for the river or enthusiasm for the adventures ahead.

The project’s goal is to blend access, education, safety, and sustainability to inspire visitors to engage with the river as a spectacular and essential natural resource. Priorities will support significant improvements adapted to the needs of visitors, river conditions, and surrounding terrain. Plans include:

  • Restoration and protection of shoreline habitats
  • Educational elements to inspire mindful discovery and stewardship
  • Functional improvements that prioritize safety, separate user groups, and support visitors and recreationists of all abilities
  • Added capacity to address resource protection and safety through volunteer Snake River Ambassadors

Charting a Course for the Future

To date, Grand Teton National Park Foundation has secured $2 million toward the preliminary fundraising goal of $6 million. When combined with at least $2 million from the National Park Service, private philanthropy will provide a margin of excellence that would not be possible otherwise.

The Foundation invites your support as a steward of the river, to ensure the paths and passages along its waters are accessible, safe, sustainable, and foster a sense of connection for generations to come.

Projected Construction Timeline

  • 2019 – Planning and design
  • 2020 – Pacific Creek Landing
  • 2021 – Jackson Lake Dam
  • 2022 – Moose Landing

Planned Improvements

  • Habitat restoration and natural resource protection
  • New water access facilities for watercraft prep and landing
  • More accessible and safe visitor pathways and trails
  • Access to visitor information and wayfinding
  • Curation of views that contribute to a sense of place
  • Engaging educational displays
  • Improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation

Thank you for your support of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park!