Grand Teton National Park Foundation

The Snake River: A Passage to Discovery

Alongside stunning peaks that drive skyward to seize the horizon, the Snake River quietly meanders through Grand Teton National Park, infusing the land with a vital essence to nurture and support the signature wildlife and habitats at the heart of the Grand Teton experience.

In celebration of the Snake River’s enduring role—and on the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act—Grand Teton National Park Foundation, in partnership with Grand Teton National Park, is launching a multi-year campaign to transform three popular access points on the Snake River into welcoming gateways that invite visitors to explore the river’s rich legacy.

Protecting the Ecosystem, Building the Connection

The Snake River Gateways campaign will enhance visitors' experiences at Jackson Lake Dam, Pacific Creek, and Moose Landing. Currently, these sites have bare and compacted soils, eroded streambanks, damaged vegetation, deteriorated facilities, user created trails, and poor functionality that fail to inspire a sense of stewardship for the river or enthusiasm for the adventures ahead.

The campaign’s goal is to seamlessly blend access, education, safety, and sustainability to create a sense of arrival that encourages visitors to engage with the river as a spectacular and essential natural resource. Priorities will support significant improvements adapted to the needs of visitors, river conditions, and surrounding terrain:

  • Functional improvements to support visitors and recreationists of all abilities
  • Restoration and resilience of aquatic and shoreline habitats
  • Educational elements to inspire mindful discovery and stewardship

Charting a Course for the Future

Grand Teton National Park Foundation invites your support as a steward of the river, to ensure the paths and passages along its waters are accessible, safe, sustainable, and foster a sense of connection for generations to come.

Campaign Timeline

  • 2018-2019 – Planning, option development, and design
  • 2020 – Moose Landing project construction
  • 2021 – Pacific Creek project construction
  • 2022 – Jackson Lake Dam project construction

Planned Improvements at Moose Landing, Pacific Creek, and Jackson Lake Dam

  • New water access facilities for watercraft prep and landing
  • Landscape and habitat restoration
  • More accessible and safe visitor pathways and trails
  • Access to visitor informatin and wayfinding
  • Curation of views that contribute to a sense of place
  • Interpretive educational displays
  • Hand carry boat launch pathways
  • Improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation