Trail Talk: Behind the scenes with Grand Teton National Park’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 6

Week six was a yin to week five’s yang. While last week the YCP had three distinct educational days and one day of trail work, this week they were focused on project work. The crew spent three days working on the construction of a new causeway at Christian Ponds, near Jackson Lake Lodge.

The crew takes a photo break while preparing the project site for a new causeway. Teamwork makes excavation move quickly.

This work included removal of old and deteriorated logs, excavation to make room for the new structure, and installation of the 40-foot long, 16-inch high structure, which was previously constructed at the Colter Bay “pit” with the help of a few senior YCP members.

Returning YCP member, Ale, uses a scribe to lay-out a saddle-notch for the multi-tiered causeway. Drawing out a saddle notch using this tool is an advanced woodworking skill that requires a very steady hand, diligent concentration, and patience.

This causeway elevates the tread through a wet area, and it has to be built to support and withstand dozens of horses daily. It has been rewarding for the crew to be able to participate in their biggest construction project yet.

The initial course of logs is put into place for the Christian Ponds causeway. YCP is stepping up their game and proving they have the skills to perform more advanced project work as the season progresses.

The Christian Ponds causeway stands as a shining example of the teamwork and dedication of the 2018 Youth Conservation Program. Go YCP!

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