Reaching Beyond Borders to Protect Biodiversity Building on the successful delineation and conservation of the Path of the Pronghorn in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, park biologists have studied migration patterns of red-tailed hawks, osprey, elk, and bison, and …

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Protecting Native Cutthroat Trout and Stream Habitat Grand Teton’s pristine waterways contain vital habitat for the only native trout species in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem — the Yellowstone and Snake River Cutthroat Trout. These fish are subject to many stressors …


Grizzly Bears

Research to help understand bear-human interactions Considered rare in Grand Teton just 25 years ago, grizzlies have regained a stronghold in the park. Their rapid expansion into formerly occupied habitat mirrored population recovery around the Yellowstone ecosystem, and they now …

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A top predator missing from the ecosystem for nearly 70 years has returned Wolves were absent from Grand Teton National Park from the 1930s to 1998, when a breeding pair originating from animals introduced to Yellowstone National Park denned and …


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