Adventure Journal: 4 Best Places to Spot Wildlife in Grand Teton

Grand Teton is one of the best national parks to spot wildlife because it lies in the heart of one of the largest, intact temperate ecosystems in the world. Moose, beavers, bears, sandhill cranes, bison, wolves, and elk are just a few of the many species that call this park home. Hoping to see some of these creatures during your visit? You’re in luck!

Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation & Patagonia World Trout Initiative Support Native Trout Habitat Restoration

Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation and Patagonia World Trout Initiative have demonstrated their commitment to the long-term conservation of native Snake River cutthroat trout by generously supporting habitat restoration in Grand Teton National Park. Both organizations recently awarded Grand Teton National Park Foundation grants totaling $25,000 to help restore stream flow and fish passage between the Snake River and the upper reaches of one of its main tributaries—Ditch Creek.

Park Biologists Take a Closer Look at Bats

Next time you are in Grand Teton during warm weather months, look up in the evening and you may see the swirling, whirling flight of bats. Unlike some bats in other parts of the world that eat fruit, nectar, fish or even blood, our airborne mammals are catching insects.

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