VIDEO: A Campaign for Grand Teton’s Wild Treasures

Grand Teton National Park lies at the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem—one of the last remaining large and nearly intact northern temperate ecosystems on Earth. The park’s renowned wildlife remains because of a landscape that has changed relatively little in 10,000 years.

Yet, a variety of pressures mean that the once self-sustaining environment needs vigilance and active participation from those who value all that it represents.

Funding from Wildlife and Natural Resources will allow the park to be more strategic than ever before in prioritizing wildlife and natural resource research, conservation, and education efforts. Longer-term certainty of funds has already enabled the development of new partnerships with universities and agencies that will increase capacity, provide additional expertise, and leverage additional funding.

To learn more and support this $2.5 million campaign, visit here or call 307-732-0629.

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