Pura Vida Introduces Ten Local Teens to Their Backyard National Park

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Grand Teton National Park is celebrating the fourteenth year of hosting its Pura Vida programming. With the support of the Foundation, this impactful program was developed to serve the growing Latinx community in Jackson, WY and address the needs of families seeking opportunities for their youth. This year, the Pura Vida Spring Break Internship hosted ten high school students who embarked on opportunities to recharge while learning about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, practicing team building, and gaining leadership and communication skills.   

The program was packed with fun activities, including a sleigh ride at the National Elk Refuge, a snowshoe hike to Taggart Lake, a tour at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, cross-country skiing, and plenty of wildlife viewing. Skiing reigned supreme as the favorite activity of the group - the group’s laughter echoing a mile away! 

To wrap-up the week’s activities and undeterred by bitter cold evening temperatures, participants were able to share highlights of their experiences with their families, including a game demonstration, leading a wildlife tour, and facilitating a fun art activity.  

When asked what three words captured the week most profoundly, the group collectively noted connectedness, curiosity, and calmness. They felt a strong connection with their peers and with the natural environment, experienced real curiosity about the wildlife and various communities that call this ecosystem home, and practiced calmness whenever an opportunity to breathe and appreciate Grand Teton National Park presented itself.  

These ten participants are hungry for more and some hope to return this summer to help mentor and lead Grand Teton National Park’s Pura Vida Middle School Summer Camp. 

Thanks to all of our dedicated supporters who make this program possible every year!

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