Wildlife Whereabouts: Offspring Abounds in Grand Teton

Lisa Van Atta_bison baby

A baby bison in search of food. Photo by Lisa Van Atta.

Several species of wildlife in Grand Teton are giving birth to offspring and making their way to summer feeding grounds. The beginning of summer is a busy time of year for the valley’s wild residents!

• Bison, moose and elk calving seasons are at their peaks. Nearly all bison and elk will have moved off of the National Elk Refuge soon. They will follow snow melt and vegetation to more northern parts of the valley.

• Wolf pups are making their first exploratory appearances from their dens.

• Female black and grizzly bears with cubs are now out and about but are making only small movements so that their cubs can keep up.

• Neotropical migrating birds (western tanagers, hummingbirds, warblers, osprey and others) have returned and are beginning nesting activities.

• Cutthroat trout are initiating spawning as water levels rise with spring runoff.

• Bald eagle eggs have hatched and young nestlings are being closely guarded by their brooding parents.

• Bald eagles, ravens, great-horned owls, and other early-season nesting birds are incubating eggs.

• High rivers and streams resulting from melting snow and recent rainfall represent a significant hazard to baby bears, elk, moose, and bison.

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