Trail Talk: A look into Grand Teton’s Youth Conservation Program – Week Five

The weather this week was variable—everything from freezing rain to perfect sunny days. On Monday the crew performed maintenance on the Emma Matilda Lake trail, digging drains and cutting fallen trees from the trail with cross cut saws.


YCP crew members carrying tools through the variable summer weather in Grand Teton at Emma Matilda Lake. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

Mid week was geared towards education. The crew met with park biologists and looked for osprey, peregrine falcons, and mountain goats in Cascade Canyon. On Wednesday the Jenny Lake Rangers showed them the ropes, facilitating stations where the group learned about what it takes to be a climbing ranger. This was followed by a fantastic barbecue and short haul demo with the helicopter.

On the last day of the week, the team hiked to Amphitheater and Surprise lakes to dig drains. They made it to their destination in fantastic time, hiking the switchbacks in the cool of the morning. The crew was grateful that the rest of the day entailed digging drains downhill. The first half of the season is finished, but there is still so much work to be accomplished!


Spending a day with the Jenny Lake Rangers is always a highlight for YCP. Photo by Ryan Sheets.

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