Trail Talk: A look into Grand Teton’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 7

During the seventh week of YCP, the crew continued to work on the trail at the Lucas Fabian Homestead. They persevered through dust clouds, scorching day,s and black flies. Although there is still work in this area planned for the coming weeks, they have put a sizable dent in the project.


The ladies of the YCP crew working hard through the dusty challenges of working at the Lucas Fabian Homestead. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

The crew took a brief hiatus from the dust mid week and collected data with Grand Teton’s bioacoustic ecologist. The group split up into small groups and walked quietly through different canyons in the park to add to the past two years of data collection.


Crew members move an irrigation pipe at the corrals near Taggart Lake. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

On Thursday morning, the crew helped with an irrigation pipe by the corrals near the Taggart Lake trailhead. Next they attended a training about how to get a federal job before heading back to Lucas Fabian in the afternoon. This was by far one of our hardest, dirtiest weeks yet. But the crew’s hard work produced spectacular results.

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