Trail Talk: A look into Grand Teton’s Youth Conservation Program – The Final Report

The 2016 YCP crew just finished their summer of work, but their impact on Grand Teton will be enjoyed and appreciated by park visitors well into the future. YCP’s 21 crew members spent 10 weeks working in Grand Teton, and each hiked 42,865 vertical feet and walked 213 miles. This ambitious group of teens completed a plethora of projects this summer including trail construction, log peeling, fence building, and much more.


Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos

Take a look at this impressive list of accomplishments from the 2016 YCP crew:

• 6,665 hours worked

• 70,000 pounds of material wheel-barrowed at the Lucas-Fabian Homestead

• 9,040 feet of irrigation pipe installed at the Taggart Lake Corrals

• 2,200 feet of trail benched in Owl Canyon

• 2,075 invasive thistle plants removed

• 2,000 pounds of rocks moved for the Jenny Lake Renewal

• 1,455 drains cleaned

• 1,320 feet of trail rerouted by Bradley and Taggart Lake

• 600 feet of ADA trail built at the Lucas-Fabian Homestead

• 570 feet of logs peeled for the Lucas-Fabian Homestead bridges

• 133 volunteer hours completed

• 2 fallen trees cleared from the trails with crosscut saws

• 38 log checks installed by Two Ocean Lake

• 31 hours of strength/flexibility training per participant

• 17 Wilderness First Aid certifications issued by the Wilderness Medical Institute

• 4 days of backcountry work completed, brushing and drainage working from Lower Berry Creek Patrol Cabin

• 2 historic boat pontoons maintained for Menor’s Ferry

• 2 bridges completed by Two Ocean Lake

Thank you to the 2016 crew members for all of your hard work, and to all who volunteered, worked with, and supported our Youth Conservation Program in 2016.

YCP Group Pic on top of JHMR-1_Cropped

Photo by Ryan Sheets

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