Trail Talk: Behind the scenes with Grand Teton National Park’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 7

YCP is past the halfway point of their ten week season and they continue to chip away at the new trail near Grand View Point. Such a large undertaking requires a lot of time and patience and the crew remains diligent in their quest to finish the trail before summer ends. Last week, they received help from Tribal Youth Corps members as they scratched in another few hundred feet of fresh trail.

YCP and TYC teamed up last week to tackle new trail near Grand View Point.

When the crew wasn’t working on their reroute, they spent some time on Jackson Lake with Grand Teton National Park Ranger Aimee Hanna. YCP loaded up the trail crew boat with bear-resistant food storage boxes and followed Ranger Hanna to Elk Island and Warm Springs camp sites where they installed the boxes along with some new signs. The team is certainly gaining experience and working with a lot of different departments in the park!

Next week is a big one for YCP as they will spend 4 days working out of the Lower Berry Patrol Cabin. This will be their annual backcountry hitch. The crew will live out of their tents, utilize the cabin to prepare meals together, and get a taste of what working on a backcountry trail crew is like. Stay tuned for updates next week!

YCP showing their strength as they carry a heavy bear-resistant food storage box.

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