Trail Talk: A Behind the Scenes Look into GTNP’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 4

The Youth Conservation Program had another hot and successful week! On Monday the crew split up into two teams. Half of the group worked at Blacktail Ponds building log checks (basically a log staircase) with a cross cut saw and chisels. The other half of the crew moved tons of dirt on the trail toward Hidden Falls as part of the Inspiring Journeys project at Jenny Lake, and then helped move empty rock bags to the boat dock for transport out of the park.

Returning YCP member, Christian, perfects his log working skills with a drawknife.

On Tuesday, YCP had the opportunity to work on Menor’s Ferry because they were unable to a few weeks ago due to rain showers. The weather held this week and the crew completed significant work with Ranger Mike Nicklas. After lunch, some YCP members continued working on the Blacktail Ponds project while the others helped NPS trail crews move rock and bags of crushed rock.

Crew members observe proper rolling techniques for injured patients before taking their Wilderness First Aid exam.

YCP finished the week by receiving Wilderness First Aid certification with NOLS instructors, Anna Horn and Matt McGee. After 16 hours of both classroom sessions and practicing hard skills, the 2017 YCP is more prepared and knowledgeable in how to handle medical emergencies in the backcountry. It was a fun and interesting class, and the crew is excited to have these new tools to carry with them throughout the summer and beyond.

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