Trail Talk: A Window into Grand Teton National Park’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 6

This week, the YCP burned up their energy stores hauling loads of materials to various projects. The first day of heavy labor necessitated good teamwork and communication as they pushed gravel and dirt-filled wheelbarrows to fill in a 10-step rock staircase.


YCP crew members are getting stronger! They carry heavy tools and equipment to and from the job site each day. Photo by Eric Seymour, JHMR.

“I really felt tired hiking to the site with heavy things and doing lots of work. I didn’t think I would make it, but once I started moving, I felt energized. I am really happy that we got all the work done today, but I am exhausted and looking forward to a big dinner with my family tonight.” Bianca

The crew also worked at the Lawrence S. Rockefeller Preserve and attended Coffee with a Ranger, where they discussed issues in different wildlife policies and how Grand Teton National Park addresses them. The YCP spent the rest of the day building two new horse hitch rails and maintaining 9 miles of trail around the preserve. Though the day was hot, an afternoon dip in Phelps Lake gave the crew energy to push through the day.

Thursday was spent on the Jenny Lake Restoration Project, installing a trail on the west side of Jenny Lake. The crew removed large rocks, stumps, and trees while digging a brand new trail. At the beginning of the day, it was difficult to walk across the steep hillside without tripping. By the end of the day, they reaped the harvest on Jenny Lake, walking a nearly completed reroute and munching on ripe huckleberries hanging onto the trail!

Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, WY

Jenny Lake providing a calming back-drop to the work day.

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