Trail Talk: A Window into Grand Teton National Park’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 5

This week marks the halfway point for the YCP program this summer. The work-week began with historic restoration of gates and fencing to recreate the appearance of the original corral in front of the John Moulton Barn. These corrals are important structures that tell the story of agricultural life around Mormon Row. During breaks from working in the heat, the YCP also constructed over 400 cages that will be used to collect white bark pine cones to grow seeds.

Moulton Barn work

Working hard at one of GTNP’s most visited historic sites.

The crew spent a day with the Jenny Lake Climbing Rangers, where they attended different workshops on dog rescues, pulley systems, and victim mobilization. They also tested their newly learned Wilderness First Aid Skills in staged rescue scenario where they located patients in tricky situations, evaluated them, and carried them to the ambulance on side. After a delicious barbecue provided by the rangers, the team was able to observe short haul rescue training.

watchinig JL rangers short haul

Watching the Jenny Lake Rangers in action as they practice a “short-haul” rescue.

The group topped off the week with a hike to clean drains and remove trees by Amphitheater Lake. After enjoying a morning break by the water, everyone worked hard to improve over three miles of trail. The YCP hiked out via the valley trail cutoff and packed out a heavy stash of tools by the newly completed Bradley Lake footbridge.

We can’t believe that the YCP team is half way done with their summer of work. We are excited to see what the rest of the summer holds for this hard-working group!

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