Stephen P. Adamson, Jr. Outdoor Fund 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Stephen Adamson was an attorney who was passionate about wild places, outdoor adventure, and Grand Teton National Park. He inspired many who knew him to dream big and explore. Through a sponsorship fund established in his honor, we celebrate his life by giving young people a chance to do meaningful work in Grand Teton and to ultimately find their place in the natural world.

We are pleased to share that two teens were given the opportunity of a lifetime to participate on the 2016 Youth Conservation Program (YCP) trail crew through support from the Stephen P. Adamson, Jr. Outdoor Fund. Sydney Bryan and Islay MacKay are the proud beneficiaries of the scholarship this summer. Through Stephen’s legacy, these young women will gain invaluable leadership skills, wilderness experiences, and conservation ethics that will continue to impact them well into the future. Without the generous support of the Stephen P. Adamson, Jr. Outdoor Fund and many other donors who care about connecting youth to Grand Teton, this experience would not be possible.

Learn more about Sydney and Islay below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on how these two young women and their fellow trail crew members leave their mark on Grand Teton National Park.

Sydney Bryan

Sydney Bryan grew up in Jackson, WY and will be completing her second year in YCP this summer. Sydney was excited for the opportunity to work in GTNP last summer, as she grew up hiking and camping with her family at a young age. Sydney has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and dedication to conservation throughout her time on the YCP crew. She has continually looked out for the health and well-being of other crew members and is known for sharing fresh delicacies from her garden. Her training with Teton County Search and Rescue is evidenced by her knowledge of first aid and assistance in essential crew cohesion during difficult work days. Sydney will be attending Connecticut College to study marine biology and dance.

Sydney Bryan photo


Islay MacKay

Islay Mackay grew up in Kelly, Wyoming and is returning for a second season on the YCP crew. Islay has fond memories of camping on Leigh Lake as a child, and spent much of her youth outside hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding with her mother in the Teton area. As she entered high school, she realized she was not getting out in the park as much as she would like to, which is part of why she decided to do YCP. Islay’s respect for the park and love for nature has increased after her first year of YCP and has also assisted her in developing navigation skills for “all the nooks and crannies in the park.” She also realized how difficult and important it is to work to preserve such a highly used, beautiful place like Grand Teton. Islay demonstrated excellent leadership skills on the crew and assisted other members in working safely with new tools. In her free time, she loves creative writing, skiing, and designing clothes. Islay will be attending University of Puget Sound this fall.

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