Preservation Work Ensures Longevity of Bar BC Dude Ranch

Resting on the western bank of the Snake River, the Bar BC Dude Ranch is one of Grand Teton National Park’s hidden gems. It is the second-oldest and best-known dude ranch in Jackson Hole, and served as an inspiration for later dude ranches.

During its peak, the Bar BC provided guests with an authentic cowboy experience while entertaining them in the evening with costume parties, original plays, and literary discussions. The park took ownership in 1986. Today the site is a treasured destination as the dude ranch that defined this uniquely American phenomenon.

The Main Cabin at the Bar BC. Photo by Steven Boston.

The two main buildings and social hubs of the Bar BC—the Main and Corse cabins—are in disrepair due to years of vacancy and limited park resources. Under the direction of Grand Teton’s cultural resources staff, the Western Center for Historic Preservation began a two-year, Foundation-funded project in June to preserve these two structures.

Remnants of a fireplace can be seen in the deteriorating interior of the Main Cabin. Photo by Steven Boston.

Work at the Bar BC will ensure that this fascinating historic resource will continue to inspire park visitors well into the future. This project is supported in part by Alliance for Historic Wyoming, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, and generous individuals.

To learn more about this preservation work, please contact Cathy Wikoff at .

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