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National Parks Traveler began in 2005 as the internet’s first site dedicated to covering America’s national parks on a daily basis. This comprehensive site offers visitors an array of content ranging from current news, features, and discussions all tied to America’s incredible national park system. The Traveler’s mission is to educate and advocate for our country’s national parks all while providing this service without cost to readers. The Traveler celebrated its tenth anniversary in August and is happy to host a site where all national park lovers can find engaging content to enhance their explorations of our parks.

Going to a national park for the first time? The Traveler has you covered. From trip planning to updates, park goers can find lots of helpful information on the Traveler’s website and social media handles. All content on the site is free, though a $9.95 membership provides you with discounts on books, hiking maps, and places to stay at some parks. Learn more at:

Planning a trip to Grand Teton National Park? Take a look at the Traveler’s suggestions for our favorite park: Grand Teton National Park: 3 Days In The Park & Native American Artisans In Residence At Grand Teton National Park This Summer.

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