Lucas Fabian Homestead

Resting on the edge of Cottonwood Creek, the Geraldine Lucas Homestead-Harold Fabian Place is one of Grand Teton’s hidden cultural gems.Comprised of a handful of log buildings with sweeping Teton views, the property is historically significant to the park and a favorite destination among visitors who know of its existence. The site has been vacant for decades and was greatly deteriorated due to years of exposure. Thanks to a Foundation donor, work was completed in summer 2015 and 2016 to improve access and restore structures at the Lucas Fabian Homestead.

Grand Teton trail crews built a new ADA accessible trail leading to the Homestead.

Lucas Fabian Homestead

Crews repaired chinking, improved chimneys, and replaced roofs, windows, and doors on all buildings at the site.

Originally constructed by Geraldine Lucas and later acquired by Harold Fabian, the homestead is one of Grand Teton’s cherished historic and cultural resources. Geraldine Lucas became the second woman to climb the Grand Teton in 1924 and remained on the property year-round until her death in 1938. In isolation, she braved harsh winters and deep snowpack, often using a team of Alaskan malamutes and a sled for transportation. Her sled is on display today in the transportation barn near Menor’s Ferry in Moose, Wyoming.

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