Jenny Lake Update: New Areas OPEN as Work Continues

This summer marks the fourth major construction season at Grand Teton’s most popular destination—Jenny Lake. Our campaign in partnership with Grand Teton National Park is renewing this iconic location by restoring trails and pathways, creating engaging interpretive spaces, and ensuring Jenny Lake continues to inspire visitors well into the future.

Work in the backcountry this summer has focused on the completion of a new west boat dock, the section of trail leading from the new dock to lower Cascade Creek, and Inspiration Point itself. The new boat dock is now open to the public and provides visitors with a comfortable queuing area that is off the trail to help minimize congestion. Pathways along the north side of Cascade Creek have been improved to minimize erosion, eliminate social trails, and create a viewing area and new bridge along the spectacular creek. The bridge and connecting trails will be fantastic additions to Jenny Lake’s trails. Inspiration Point itself is receiving a much-needed facelift. When complete, the area will have places for people to sit down and take in the view, as well as a clearly defined trail. Crews have also mitigated erosion and social paths in the area. All work in the backcountry is scheduled to be finished and open to the public by early next summer, though this will depend on weather and resulting construction conditions confronting crews this fall.

Grand Teton’s trail crews building rock structures at Inspiration Point.

The frontcountry at South Jenny Lake is beginning to take shape. A major lake overlook and an accessible area along the lakeshore are now open to the public. People can easily find their way to the lake to go for a swim! These destinations provide a glimpse of what it will be like to experience the improved interpretive plaza when it is finished next year.

YCP crew members put the finishing touches on new pathways at South Jenny Lake.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and support while improvements are underway at Jenny Lake. As always, if you want to visit this beautiful spot please arrive early or late in the day to avoid the busiest times. Also, please note that starting September 5th, Jenny Lake Boating will provide shuttles across the lake from 10 am to 4 pm. Their last day of the season is September 30th.

One of the new lake overlooks that is now open to visitors. The space in the middle of the wall will have a bronze relief map, which will orient visitors to the mountains and canyons across the lake and will be installed early next summer.

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