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Rocky Mountain Bank is committed to supporting the communities where they operate by partnering with local nonprofits. We recently had the opportunity to learn more about the local branch and their connection to the Jackson community, Grand Teton National Park, and our work in the park.

Can you tell us about the history of Rocky Mountain Bank and when the first branch was established in Jackson Hole?

An investor group initially purchased the bank in 2005, which consisted solely of a bank in Rock Springs. Following the purchase, branches were started in Pinedale and subsequently Jackson in 2006. In 2012, a mostly local group led by Allan Tessler and Jim Moses purchased the bank. Today, the bank employs approximately 45 people in Jackson, Pinedale and Rock Springs. All three locations are very active in their respective communities.

How has being involved with local nonprofit causes enriched the company and your customers’ experiences?

A core value of our bank is service to our communities. Service to our communities takes the form of the contribution of talent and treasure of both our employees as individuals and of the bank. We believe that our success can be no better than the communities which we serve, and a deep commitment to our communities is a natural extension of who we are as individuals and as a bank. A culture of service ultimately makes us better individuals and employees, which in turn produces a more positive customer experience.

What prompted Rocky Mountain Bank to become a supporter of Grand Teton National Park Foundation?

We believe GTNP is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a celebrated representation of Wyoming seen by millions of people annually. From a business perspective, the significant number of visitors to both GTNP and Yellowstone drive the local business economies. For these reasons, it is an easy decision to support the Foundation.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation is committed to funding projects that help connect people with nature. What kind of people make up your team and how is outdoor adventure part of your company’s culture?

Like most Jackson businesses, our employees are athletic, outdoor enthusiasts of all ages who never tire of the abundance of outdoor adventures. That enthusiasm positively pervades throughout daily and weekly activities. We encourage activity of this nature as we recognize that a happy and healthy employee is typically a better employee.

Does the staff at Rocky Mountain Bank have a favorite way to recreate in GTNP? What places in the park are a favorite among employees?

Many regularly hike and boat and, of course, when visitors come, it is hard to top an early evening scenic drive.

On behalf of Grand Teton National Park Foundation and park enthusiasts nationwide, thank you, Rocky Mountain Bank, for your continued support!

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