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Born and bred in Wyoming, Brad Call is no stranger to inspiring landscapes and world-class recreation. This high-energy executive of Maverik convenience stores not only carries on the family business but has taken the company in a direction that combines today’s on-the-go lifestyle with values that were important when the first store opened. This organization operates more than 260 convenient stores and gas stations throughout the intermountain west, providing consumers with all of the essentials to fuel any outdoor adventure. Maverik has been an avid supporter of GTNPF since 2011, expanding the Foundation’s message regionally and providing much needed funding for programming and improvements in Grand Teton. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Brad Call, who recently relocated to the region, about Maverik’s Wyoming heritage and the company’s interest in the outdoors and Grand Teton.

Maverik began in Wyoming in 1928. Tell us a little bit about the history of the organization and its Wyoming roots.

Maverik was founded in 1928 by Ruell Call, who purchased two barrels of fuel with money he made from renting roller skates. Call strapped the fuel to the back of his truck and settled in the small town of Afton, WY where he decided to start his business. After persevering through six months without any business, his 2-pump gas station grew quickly by providing fuel to area ranches and residents. In 1954 he de-affiliated with his national brand and went independent, utilizing the name “Maverik,” which means unbranded.

Tell us how your company’s motto, “Adventure’s First Stop,” reflects your company’s history and core values?

In 1999 Maverik moved away from the western, country store theme. Because Maverik is the largest independent fuel operator in the intermountain west, the tag line “Adventure’s First Stop” was incorporated into the brand representing the high energy outdoor activities that so many of us crave in the west. Newer stores feature kayakers dropping down fountain falls and snowboarders emerging out of walls to encourage customers to get outside and play. No matter what adventure you are on, Maverik is the first place to go to get hooked up!

What prompted Maverik to become a supporter of Grand Teton National Park Foundation?

This area is part of our family heritage as all three generations of Maverik leaders have grown up at the foot of the Tetons. It’s important to all of us to preserve the park now and for our children. Grand Teton National Park represents everything about Maverik’s brand and heritage.

How does your move back to Star Valley feel and has it influenced your interest in Grand Teton?

I love having the Tetons in our back yard and have a great deal of interest to have the park be successful and open for everyone to enjoy.

Based on the importance of adventure to your organization, what is your favorite way to explore the park?

For Maverik it is important to have a good balance between mechanized access and areas that allow only foot traffic, this way a vast majority of the population can enjoy the beautiful park.

On behalf of the Foundation and park enthusiasts nationwide, thank you, Maverik, for all you do!

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