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Foundation Gifts $6.3 Million to Grand Teton in 2020

Moose - Winter Wildlife

The Foundation is pleased to have gifted over $6.3 million to Grand Teton National Park in fiscal year 2020.

In its twenty-four years of partnership with Grand Teton, the Foundation has raised more than $88 million through its broad network of generous donors. This private support allows the Foundation to fund projects, campaigns, and programs within the park. The Foundation is committed to helping the park provide meaningful experiences for visitors while ensuring this iconic landscape remains one of the most inspiring outdoor destinations in America.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation’s focus areas in 2020 included a wide variety of education programs, volunteer efforts, and natural resource protection:

  • Transferred the ownership of the Moulton Ranch Cabins to Grand Teton, preserving the Mormon Row Historic District while providing critical seasonal workforce housing.
  • Launched the first year of construction at Pacific Creek as part of our $6.5 million  Snake River Gateways campaign improving access and resource degradation along the river inside the boundaries of Grand Teton.
  • Introduced local teens to their backyard national park through outreach and introduced college students across the country to park service careers.
  • Educated countless park visitors about resource protection and safety-model programs by supporting through three volunteer programs—Wildlife Brigade, String Lakers, and Snake River Ambassadors.
  • Installed 41 bear-resistant food storage boxes in campgrounds and picnic areas as part of a multi-year effort to protect both bears and visitors.

“We are very grateful to have been able to support Grand Teton in light of the unique challenges faced in 2020. We could not accomplish all that we do without the passion, generosity, and commitment of our supporters,” Foundation President Leslie Mattson said. “It is a pleasure to work with the park and we look forward to our continued work together.”



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