EClimb the Grand Teton!

It is impossible to set foot in Grand Teton National Park without trying to imagine the view from the top of the highest peak in the range – the Grand Teton. This majestic mountain rises more than 7,000 vertical feet above the valley floor and can be seen for hundreds of miles in every direction. The Grand has captured the attention of visitors to the valley for centuries, and continues to draw thousands to the park each year for the classic ascents of its rocky ridges and sheer faces. Climbing the Grand is no joke and it takes technical climbing skills, serious athleticism, and unrivaled determination to reach the summit. Not everyone is suited for the demanding climb, and luckily, now everyone can experience the breathtaking view from the summit through Grand Teton National Park’s newly released eClimb!

The eClimb is a multi-media experience that leads the viewer up the Owen-Spaulding route on the Grand Teton. Highlights include the history of climbing the Grand, essentials for a safe trip, and sounds of flora and fauna that can be seen throughout the journey. The viewer will also experience the most pivotal parts of the climb through photos and videos of climbers negotiating technical moves, such as the Belly Roll on the ascent and the over-hanging rappel on the descent. EClimbing the Grand Teton is a virtual adventure that is not to be missed! Start your journey up the Grand today: eClimb the Grand Teton.

LY grand shadow

Looking west enroute to the summit of the Grand Teton.

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