Adventure Journal: Visiting Grand Teton in Spring

Visiting in Grand Teton this season? Get essential tips for visiting in spring from two park rangers. Join them as they discuss hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, and more. Learn how to navigate spring's changing conditions and get the most out of your trip.

The snow is slowly melting and more and more places in the park are starting to open for visitors. Plan your adventure to Grand Teton ahead of time and know these important opening dates before you go:

Teton Park Road: Open as of 5/1/2024

Moose-Wilson Road: Open as of 5/1/2024

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center: Open as of 5/1/2024

Colter Bay Visitor Center: Open as of 5/3/2024

Jenny Lake Visitor Center: Opens on 5/12/2024

Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve: Opens on 6/3/2024

Signal Mountain Lodge: Opens on 5/10/2024

Jackson Lake Lodge: Opens on 5/17/2024

To view the full list of 2024 opening and closing dates in Grand Teton National Park, click here.

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