Adventure Journal: Ice Fishing in GTNP

Looking for a different winter outdoor activity? Bundle up and head out to Grand Teton National Park to go ice fishing! The most common and popular spots for winter anglers are Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake, and Phelps Lake. Jackson Lake is easily accessible, while getting to Jenny Lake and Phelps Lake require snowshoes or cross-country skis during winter.

All setup and waiting for the fish to bite on Phelps Lake. Photo by Jeff Broeder

Once you arrive at your chosen destination and find the perfect fishing spot for the day, you need to begin digging through the ice. Digging a hole requires an ice fishing auger, which can run anywhere from $30 for a hand powered auger to $500 for a gas powered auger. Each angler also needs fishing rods and reels, as well as tackle. Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair, snacks, and warm clothes to stay comfortable while you wait for fish to bite!

Rod_Daniel Nichols

Patiently waiting for a bite. Photo by Daniel Nichols.

Unless other information is provided, each angler is allowed a maximum of two rods or poles. Lines may have up to three single hook devices attached, but no more. Hand lines, set lines, poles, or tip ups when ice fishing are legal with the angler present. Be sure to have your Wyoming State fishing license and the necessary equipment.

For more information and regulations please visit:

4 Fish

Catch of the day! Photo provided by Jeff Broeder

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