Adventure Journal: Enjoying Teton Park Road in April

As off-season approaches and local ski resorts shut down their lifts, visitors often seek a way to get into the park and explore without needing skis or snowshoes. Fortunately Grand Teton has the answer! With the official beginning of spring, park-staff work to clear Teton Park Road of winter snow allowing visitor access along the 14 mile stretch between the Bradley-Taggart trailhead and Signal Mountain. Pedestrians and their pets are permitted to use the road during the month of April while the section of road is closed to vehicle traffic. Roller-blading, walking, skateboarding, and cycling are all great ways to enjoy the park as we roll our way into spring.

Taking a bike ride along Teton Park Road while it is closed to vehicle traffic is one great way to experience the Tetons in April.

There are a few important things to remember before your trip. Leashed dogs are permitted on the road; however, they are restricted to only roads and turnouts. Dogs are not permitted to travel beyond the road, into the park’s backcountry, or on the multi-use pathways. Please be sure to pick up after your pets! Visitors should remain alert for park vehicles and snow plowing operations that continue due to late-season snow storms. Teton Park Road opens to vehicle traffic on May 1st.

Cruisng south towards the Catherdral Group of the Teton Range.

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