Adventure Journal: Cozy up to the fire with classic Grand Teton reads

Maybe it’s the fresh layer of snow on the mountains or the daylight hours that continue to fade, but fall seems to be the perfect time to catch up on your reading list. We have compiled a list of a few classic Grand Teton reads to both educate and entertain during relaxing evenings by the fire. From cultural history to mountaineering, we have a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

Wapiti Wilderness cover

Wapiti Wilderness, by Margaret and Olaus Murie

Olaus and Mardy Murie moved to Jackson Hole in 1927 when Olaus was offered a position with the US Bureau of Biological Survey to research the valley’s struggling elk herd. As the couple lived and explored this area with their growing family, they fell in love with the landscape and with the wildlife that also call this valley home. In this fascinating memoir, Olaus and Mardy write alternating chapters: Olaus recounts his experiences as a field biologist studying local wildlife, and Mardy shares her experiences raising her family in remote wilderness camps, notes from the trail, and stories from adventures from all seasons. The Murie story provides great insight into early life in the valley and into the lives of two of the nation’s most significant conservationists.

Teewinot cover resize

Teewinot: Climbing and Contemplating the Teton Range, by Jack Turner

Jack Turner, long time climbing guide and former President of Exum Mountain Guides, highlights a calendar year spent in the Tetons while thoughtfully recounting his years of climbing experience throughout the range. Alongside his unbelievable climbing stories, Turner displays a depth of understanding of the natural history and ecology of the Tetons that could only be attained through his years of field experience in the mountains. This unique memoir provides the reader with an insight into a climbing guide’s complete knowledge of this spectacular mountain range.

Along the Ramparts cover

Along the Ramparts of the Tetons: The Saga of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by Robert B. Betts

The dramatic cultural history of Jackson Hole is one that is filled with almost 10,000 years of human history. From Indian tribes to mountain men and pioneers to outlaws, this book highlights the colorful characters and tales of the early years in the valley. Robert Betts writes about the earliest explorers, the coming of the fur trappers, early settlers and homesteaders, the development of the dude ranch, and the bitter debates that eventually led to the formation of Grand Teton National Park.

Creation of Teton Landscape cover

Creation of the Teton Landscape, by J. David Love, John C. Reed, Jr, & Kenneth L. Pierce

The grandeur of the Tetons has drawn climbers, hikers, and tourists to the region for several years. This booklet, prepared by members of the U.S. Geological Survey, discusses how geologic phenomena and processes are responsible for the magnificent scenery of the Teton region. With several images that accompany the text, this book is very readable and relevant to anyone who admires the dramatic nature of the Teton landscape.

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