Trail Talk: A look into Grand Teton’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 8


Hiking up to the confluence. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

This week, the YCP camped in the Lower Berry backcountry. They hiked up to the confluence of Owl and Upper Berry Creek and were greeted by Teton Interagency firefighters who gave an educational briefing on the fire in that area. From there, the crew worked back, rebuilding trail along steep terrain while watching the fire grow and trees torch in the distance.


Teton Interagency firefighters inform the crew about the area fire. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

The next day, the crew hiked up Webb Canyon, cleaning drains and doing much needed brushing.

IMG_0777 (1)

The crew enjoying each other’s company. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

Highlights of the week included finding that two thimbleberries and five huckleberries make a great daytime snack, watching peregrine falcons fight, learning how to fly fish, and playing hackie sack in the evenings. The crew also cleared invasive thistle from Webb Canyon.


Thimbleberry Joy. Photo by Elizabeth Koutrelakos.

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