In the Spotlight: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) is a world-renowned ski area that has been operating in the valley since the early sixties. JHMR has supported GTNPF in various capacities over the years, and we recently had a chance to catch up with their communications team to learn more about the organization and their efforts to be a leader in the in the industry.


JHMR has a rich history in the valley. Can you tell us a little bit about how the resort began and how it differs from other mountain resorts in the country?

The vision for a lift access resort in the heart of the Tetons was kick-started in the early 1960’s by two passionate skiers—founders Paul McCollister and Alex Morley. From humble beginnings, the construction of the iconic Aerial Team introduced some of the most extreme ski terrain in the western hemisphere to a willing group of hardcore thrill-seekers. Jackson Hole quickly earned the reputation as the proving ground and epicenter of extreme skiing in North America.

While this foundation remains, the mountain’s legacy continues with the ingenuity of a family with historic ties to the Cowboy State. In their tenure of ownership since 1992, the Kemmerer family has invested greatly in the transformation of Jackson Hole into a world-class destination resort.

JHMR is a neighbor to Grand Teton National Park. What does your organization do to minimize its impact on this unique environment?

This year, JHMR received its third ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) re-registration and exceeded its environmental goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions resort-wide by over 10%. JHMR holds strong as the only ski resort in the United States to have an externally audited EMS.

JHMR is developing new quantitative, long-term and more immediate goals to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste generation per guest visit. Updates to building heating systems, year-round use of B10 diesel fuel, and conversion of up to four vehicles to run on 100% waste vegetable oil collected from JHMR restaurants, were some of the innovative projects that collectively have resulted in improved efficiencies for the company. A variety of activities are being considered as environmental improvements to resort facilities and operations over the next five years.

What prompted JHMR to support Grand Teton National Park Foundation?

JHMR is proud to operate in the Bridger Teton National Forest within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Working in this pristine mountain environment, it has been JHMR’s priority for the last 50 years to integrate conservation efforts and environmental awareness into all aspects of the business. The company’s environmental mission is to conserve natural resources and to mitigate climate change. With that mission in mind, JHMR looks forward to the years ahead as an industry leader in environmental action.

While many of us venture to JHMR for the ski season, what are some summer activities offered at JHMR?

A year-round destination highly prized for its winter attractions, JHMR offers an equally impressive array of summer activities. In the course of one day, you can ride to the top of the Aerial Tram, climb through the ropes course, jump sky high on the bungee trampoline, cruise the JHMR bike park, and much more. Whether you choose a couple or all of the activities, you’re bound to walk away with lasting Jackson Hole memories.

At the end of your action packed day, The Deck at the top of the Bridger Gondola is a guest favorite, offering casual dining, frosty beer, and fun cocktails, all enhanced by the breathtaking valley views.

Thanks to JHMR for their continued support and efforts to minimize their environmental impact. We also want to extend our congratulations on their 50th anniversary celebration this year! This is an impressive milestone for JHMR and they will celebrate in style, learn more here:

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