Trail Talk: Life on the crew of Grand Teton National Park’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 8

YCP just completed their second and final backcountry hitch for the season. The new trail looks fantastic and is a far cry from the swampland that predated this reroute. The crew pushed hard in the hot sun, swinging tools for 9.5 hours of their ten hour days.

Working on Webb Canyon trail
Crew members working hard to improve the trail in Webb Canyon. Photo by Tim Anderson, YCP crew leader

YCP received a little extra help this week on their trail project from Coca-Cola employee Kirk Glaze and his family. Coca-Cola is a longtime supporter of YCP, and Kirk wanted to experience a day-in-the-life of a YCP crew member. Needless to say their help on this challenging section of trail was much appreciated and Kirk and his family left feeling both accomplished and exhausted. Thanks to Kirk, his family, and Coca-Cola for their continued support of this impactful program!

photo 4
Kirk Glaze and his family in Webb Canyon.

On the last full day of work, an apocalyptic red cloud swirled into the canyon. The team abandoned their work site and made their way to shelter in the midst of golf ball sized hail. While this was an extremely memorable event, no pictures were taken due to the great force of nature that swept upon the crew. On Thursday morning, the hail had melted and though they were feeling a little rough for the wear, the crew put the finishing touches on the Webb Canyon trail.

Tents setup at Webb Canyon camp
YCP backcountry camp in Webb Canyon. Photo by Tim Anderson, YCP crew leader

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