Trail Talk: Behind the scenes with Grand Teton National Park’s Youth Conservation Program – Week 5

YCP reached the halfway point this week and are still going strong with twenty-two members! The crew is gaining more and more cohesiveness everyday and continues to impress their leaders. This week they hiked to Surprise Lake, clearing hundreds of drains along the way and logging over ten miles round trip. They even had enough time for a short break to enjoy the lake and consider the amazing resources they are preserving through their hard work.

YCP creating a bench that will soon be a finished re-route on the Grand View Point trail.

After a day of digging drains, the crew returned to the Grand View Point trail to continue their work on a new re-route. YCP has been ticking away at cutting in this new trail, furthering their progress by a few hundred feet every day. They finished the week hiking Thursday afternoon with park biologist Sarah Hegg searching for osprey nests, peregrine falcons, and other creatures in the park. Another great week for YCP!

Caroline, Riley, and Kate creating brand new trail tread. Not many people can say they have built a trail from scratch!

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