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Steve Cain Joins the GTNPF Team!

Grand Teton National Park Foundation is pleased to announce the newest addition to its staff, former Senior Wildlife Biologist Steve Cain. In January, Steve retired from Grand Teton National Park, where he worked for over 25 years. During this time, Steve was responsible for wildlife conservation and management in Grand Teton. His work focused on a myriad of wildlife issues, among them was the introduction of wolves to the park ecosystem, the elk reduction program, and pronghorn migration research.

In his capacity as a biologist, Steve identified and completed many research and protection projects that were critical from a wildlife conservation standpoint but would not be possible with federal allocations only. These recognized needs fall within the Foundation’s Wildlife & Natural Resources Initiative, which raises money in support of wildlife research, conservation, and management. His research has informed management of species, reduced human wildlife conflict, and promoted a better understanding of the species and challenges in our ecosystem. His work has contributed to the greater knowledge base that’s building in the GYE, strengthened by collaboration with other scientists in the region.


Steve Cain in 2014 prepares to release a newly radio-collared mule deer for the GTNPF funded Mule Deer Migration Initiative. Photo credit: Sarah Dewey

One of the programs that Steve has helped to conceptualize for the Foundation is the Wildlife Brigade, a team of volunteers that patrols and manages animal- human interactions in the park. Another is the Bear Box program that keeps bears wild and visitors safe by implementing bear-resistant food storage lockers at campsites throughout Grand Teton. In his new role at the Foundation, Steve will use his extensive background in wildlife biology to support projects that improve the understanding of challenges to Grand Teton’s ecosystem.

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