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Make an Impact With Appreciated Stock Gifts

Do you own a publicly-traded, highly-appreciated stock? If you have owned it for more than one year, there are benefits to giving it as a charitable gift.


Donating appreciated stock to a 501(c)3 organization allows you to avoid the capital gains tax, which in extreme cases could be as high as 23.8%. You can take a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of your stock on the day you give it away.

If the stock has depreciated, it’s better to sell it and make a cash gift. If you’ve held a security for less than a year, it's better to keep it. If you’ve already made a significant gift relative to your gross income, a gift of appreciated stock could be less beneficial to your tax deduction.

Founded in 1997, the Foundation has a long track record of using private philanthropic support for special projects in Grand Teton National Park. From wildlife conservation, cultural resource preservation, youth engagement, to renewed destinations at Jenny Lake and along the Snake River, your support makes a difference to all those who visit this beautiful place. It’s also an investment in the longevity of Grand Teton National Park.

Before giving the gift of appreciated stock, speak to your advisor about donating assets that have gained value.

For more information about contributing appreciated stock to Grand Teton National Park Foundation, please contact us at 307-732-0629 or



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