Adventure Journal: 10 Necessities for your Summer Pack

Prepared for a day in the park.

Winter is long in northwestern Wyoming. When the snow melts and trails clear, everyone gets excited to head out into the mountains. Thankfully, Grand Teton National Park has a myriad of options for great excursions, ranging from half-day hikes to multi-day adventures. It’s still too early to hike in upper elevations due to snow, but trails at lower elevations (like the Valley Trail, Taggart Lake, Phelps Lake Loop) are almost completely snow free and bursting with spring wildflowers.

If you are going on a hike, make sure you are prepared for whatever weather or challenges might come your way. Conditions in the Tetons can change rapidly, from sunny and warm one minute, to rain or even snow the next. Always check the forecast before you leave home!

We’ve listed our top ten suggested items to carry in your pack for your summer adventures. Be sure to consider that this might change depending on the duration of your hike, time of year, weather conditions, and if you are planning an overnight excursion.

• Water bottle(s): No one wants to run out of water mid-hike. Ever.

• Snacks: More is always better than not enough.

• Sunscreen: The higher the altitude, the more easily you can get sunburned.

• Rain jacket: Afternoon rainstorms are quite common in the Tetons.

• 2 hats: One for sun, one for warmth.

• Warm layers: Temperatures can drop quickly in the mountains.

• Extra pair of socks: You just never know…

• A small first aid kit and blister kit: Never leave for an adventure in the park without one.

• BEAR SPRAY: Always carry it on your belt or somewhere on your body so it’s easily accessible. Never carry it inside your backpack.

Need some hiking suggestions for your visit to Grand Teton National Park? Visit Grand Teton National Park’s website.

Wishing everyone a summer full of amazing adventures!


Overlooking Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point.

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