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The Youth Conservation Program is more than a summer job; it's an innovative educational opportunity and a chance to accomplish something meaningful for one of America's most popular landscapes.

Since its inception, over 120 young men and women, 16 to 19 years old have worked, earned, and learned in the highly successful ten week program that is held each June to August in Grand Teton. In seven seasons, the students have contributed over 50,000 hours of labor improving visitors' experiences in the park. Participants build trails, remove debris, install bear-resistant containers, repair historic sites, pull exotic weeds, clear vegetation, learn stone masonry, and build fences all while hiking miles of the park each day. Collaborative park teams work with the YCP teens to provide a unique education in park history, fire, safety, and rescue training.

YCP relies on generous gifts from Foundation members to fund its programming. Gifts in-kind provided by local businesses also allow the crew to work safely and in style: Mountain Khakis provides sturdy pants, Skinny Skis supplies work boots, and Lee’s Tees donates T-shirts and hats with imprinting for the participants.

The YCP team has become the coveted go-to group in the park for projects. This valuable park program not only provides gainful employment for teens, it helps participants develop a personal conservation ethic and accomplishes much-needed work in Grand Teton National Park. With gifts from members, the Foundation not only intends to fund this program well into the future, but to expand to additional work crews. Foundation funds provide wages for the youth, and park trail supervisory staff, tools, and bus transportation to the park each day. If you would like to support YCP and possibly inspire a teen to pursue a career based on their summer experience, e-mail the Foundation at or go to the Join page.

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