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Make a Gift Bear Box

bear-resistant food storage lockers

W hen a bear obtains human food it associates people as a source of access to food. This usually leads to aggressive behavior and the bear’s removal due to safety concerns. Grand Teton National Park is home to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s 600 grizzly bear and larger black bear populations. With nearly 4 million visitors a year, the park’s 1,000 frontcountry campsites are full. Increased interactions between visitors and bears make it crucial for visitors to securely store food and other bear attractants.

The park and Foundation have launched a campaign to make convenient, bear-proof food storage lockers, or “bear boxes”, available to all frontcountry campers. An increased number of food storage boxes will eliminate the need for multiple campsites to share the same box. When used correctly, bear boxes are 100% effective at preventing bears from securing food they would associate with humans.

These extremely durable and long-lasting lockers cost $1,500 each for purchase and installation.

Recognize your friends, colleagues, or family members in a unique way by dedicating the box in their honor. We’ll send your gift recipient this adorable teddy bear that acknowledges the bear box in their honor and explains this important program. Once the box is installed, we will mail you a report, specifying exactly where the box is located, along with a campground map and photos. Recognition is available. Please contact the Foundation for details. What fun you’ll have next summer finding your bear box in the park!

Fund a bear box, or part of a bear box, by using our quick and secure online membership form or download a form you can fill in and fax to us at 307-732-0639 or send to Grand Teton National Park Foundation, P.O. Box 249, Moose, WY 83012.

Thank you for making Grand Teton National Park a safer place for visitors and wildlife alike!

View a full size version of the Jackson Hole News and Guide bear box ad campaign by clicking on the image to the left.

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