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In 1997, former Grand Teton Superintendent Jack Neckels, along with now Emeritus Board Member Jerry Halpin, gathered a small group of people together to share an interesting idea—that Grand Teton National Park should have a visitor center that rivals its natural magnificence. With vision and purpose, the group that became our founding board of directors set out to raise funds for a state-of-the-art visitor center that would provide a way for visitors to learn about the park and explore its features in an exciting, accessible way.

The project was a success, and paved the way for the Foundation to leverage those founding ideals into much more for Grand Teton today. With expert guidance from our advisory boards and generous contributions from supporters and partners, we gift millions of dollars to the park each year.

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Leslie headshotLeslie A. Mattson: President. Grand Teton National Park Foundation president since July 2004, Leslie oversees all aspects of the organization, including fundraising, financial management, and governance. She has raised nearly $40 million from private sector donors to build the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center and to fund wildlife, education, and improvement projects in Grand Teton National Park. Under her leadership, the organization has transformed from a small, locally focused nonprofit to a top-tier National Park Service fundraising partner, successfully competing on a nationwide level for philanthropic dollars. Leslie has over 30 years of experience in nonprofit administration and fundraising, including past work as a fundraising and nonprofit management consultant as well as a development officer for Tufts University and Lesley College. During her 13 year tenure as executive director of the Jackson Hole Land Trust, Leslie oversaw the completion of the $26.5 million Campaign for Our Valley, which included a successful $1 million Kresge challenge grant and the permanent protection of over 20,000 acres of important working landscapes and wildlife habitat. Leslie serves on the board of the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project, whose mission is to transform Jackson Hole into a national model of energy efficiency and innovation. She has a B.S. from Tufts University. Leslie is originally from Massachusetts and has lived in Wyoming for 25 years. She is an avid skier, golfer, hiker, and Red Sox fan.

Mark Berry: Vice President. Mark joined the staff of the Foundation in July 2012 after five years as vice president of a general engineering contracting firm in California. Prior to relocating to California, Mark was executive director of the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming. In this capacity, Mark managed the organization during its formative years, including completion of its $35 million capital campaign and successfully phased construction. Prior to this, Mark was a senior staff member at the Jackson Hole Land Trust for seven years. In all, Mark has over 20 years of professional not-for-profit experience in Jackson Hole. Mark earned a B.A. in geography from the University of Oregon.

Steve Cain: Development Officer. Steve joined the Foundation April 2015. He retired in January 2015 from his position as senior wildlife biologist at Grand Teton National Park, where he directed wildlife management, conservation, and research for more than 25 years. Prior to coming to Jackson Steve worked as a biologist in Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon. He holds a B.S. in zoology from Humboldt State University and a M.S. in wildlife biology from the University of Montana, and is an avid skier, windsurfer, boater, hiker, and wood worker.

Elise Cheney Delmolino: Annual Fund Manager. Elise joined Grand Teton National Park Foundation in October 2013. Originally from upstate New York, she has lived in Jackson Hole since 2002. She has spent nearly 10 years teaching and working at Teton Science Schools as a faculty member, fundraiser, and most recently, events coordinator. Elise holds a dual B.S. in environmental science & policy and biology from Clarkson University, as well as a M.Ed. in interdisciplinary studies from Montana State University. She and her husband and dog love spending time outdoors in Jackson Hole hiking, skiing, biking, and gardening.

Emily Greiff: Events and Communications Coordinator. Emily joined the Foundation in October of 2014. She graduated from Colgate University in 2012 and after living in NYC for just about three years, decided it was time for a change. She then packed her life into her 2000 Volvo Station Wagon and headed West. She has loved being in Jackson so far and feels lucky for all of the adventures she's been able to partake in, especially skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.

Maddy Jacobson: Development and Communications Assistant. Maddy grew up in foothills west of Denver, Colorado and went to college at the University of Montana. After graduating in 2009, she moved to Jackson and has now called this beautiful valley home for almost 5 years. Before joining the Foundation in 2014, Maddy worked for the field education program at Teton Science Schools where she gained a passion for teaching students about Grand Teton and sharing this special park with people from across the globe. In her free time, Maddy enjoys skiing, cooking, gardening, and hiking.

Kim Mills: Director, Communications, Corporate Relations, and Estate Planning. Kim joined the Foundation in January 2010 after working with the organization for 5 years as a contract writer. In addition to her communications and project management background, she brings 12 years of marketing and sales experience to the Foundation. Kim left the Baltimore/Washington corridor for Jackson in 1993 and has since spent her free time photographing in the park, biking, and traveling with her husband.

Mary Patno: Accounting Manager. Mary has been with the Foundation since 2004. She’s lived in Wyoming since 1977, having moved to Jackson after completing her degree in wildlife biology from the University of Wyoming. Mary maintains her passion for skiing as a part-time ski patroller at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. She lives in Jackson with her husband and daughter, and together, they enjoy their many horses as well as the mountains for hiking, climbing, and running.

Kelley Web: Assistant to the President and Administration Manager. Kelley joined Grand Teton National Park Foundation in the spring of 2007. Kelley has experience in customer service, retail management, and bookkeeping. She moved to the Jackson area in 1998 from Massachusetts intending to spend only a year but found Jackson a hard place to leave. Kelley lives in Jackson with her husband and children and spends her free time baking, sewing, knitting, and reading.

Cathy Wikoff: Director, Foundations and Special Gifts. Cathy joined the staff of the Foundation in June 2015. Her nonprofit experience includes the Art Association of Jackson Hole, Cultural Council of Jackson Hole, Nonprofit Development Consulting, and serving on several boards. She also worked the at National Museum of Wildlife Art for ten years as an integral part of the development team during its initial Capital and Endowment Campaigns. Cumulatively, Cathy has over 22 years of professional not-for-profit experience in this valley. Born and raised in New York, Cathy earned a BS in Education from Florida State University. Along with her husband and daughter, she enjoys hiking, fishing, wildlife, gardening, fine arts and skiing.

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  • Barbara Carlson

  • Max C. Chapman, Jr.

  • Natalie Jane Clark

  • Nancy Donovan

  • David Easterly

  • Lisa Claudy Fleischman

  • Bill Givens

  • Barry P. Gold

  • Bill Gordon

  • Jeff Hanson

  • Maura Lofaro Harrower

  • Chris Hartley

  • Debbie Hechinger

  • Jane Hill

  • Neal Manne

  • Adrienne Mars

  • Hank McKinnell

  • Richard Mithoff

  • Mark Newcomb

  • Hugh O'Halloran

  • Trina Overlock

  • Thomas J. Saylak

  • Scott Spangler

  • Gerald Halpin

  • David Viehman

  • Lisa Wan

Resource CouncilBack To Top

Don Alsted
Debbie Barker
Andrea Bent
Dennis Butcher
Meriam Calabria
Colby Cox
John Gerber
Ron Harrison
Sandy Hessler
Jean Hocker
Renny Jackson
Clay James

Molly Kelly
Chuck Koob
Charlotte Krugh
Alison Lee
Phil Leeds
Glenn Ray
Ed Riddell
Lee Riddell
Catherine Marcus Rose
Ann Ryan
James E. Ryan
John Rutter

Robert B. Smith
Susan Thomas
John Townsend
John Turner
Kelly Walker
Celia Wallace
Rob Wallace
Kevin Warsh
Shawn Whitman
Jeff Willemain
Scott Williams
Terry Winchell

Campaign CommitteeBack To Top

Barbara Carlson – CoChair
John Faraci – CoChair
Kate Mead – CoChair
Debbie Barker
Dennis Butcher
Lisa Fleischman
Bill Givens
Jeff Hanson
Ron Harrison
Maura Lofaro Harrower

Bob Hartman
Christine Hartley
Berte Hirschfield
Ed Holstein
Renny Jackson
Elisabet Lucas
Adrienne Mars
Karl Meyer
Hugh O’Halloran
Sean O’Malley

Bill Resor
Catherine Marcus Rose
Ann Ryan
Judy Singleton
Patti Stancarone
John Townsend

Steve Cain Joins the GTNPF Team!Back To Top

Grand Teton National Park Foundation is pleased to announce the newest addition to its staff, former Senior Wildlife Biologist Steve Cain. In January, Steve retired from Grand Teton National Park, where he worked for over 25 years. During this time, Steve was responsible for wildlife conservation and management in Grand Teton. His work focused on a myriad of wildlife issues, among them was the introduction of wolves to the park ecosystem, the elk reduction program, and pronghorn migration research.

In his capacity as a biologist, Steve identified and completed many research and protection projects that were critical from a wildlife conservation standpoint but would not be possible with federal allocations only. These recognized needs fall within the Foundation’s Wildlife & Natural Resources Initiative, which raises money in support of wildlife research, conservation, and management. His research has informed management of species, reduced human wildlife conflict, and promoted a better understanding of the species and challenges in our ecosystem. His work has contributed to the greater knowledge base that’s building in the GYE, strengthened by collaboration with other scientists in the region.


Steve Cain in 2014 prepares to release a newly radio-collared mule deer for the GTNPF funded Mule Deer Migration Initiative. Photo credit: Sarah Dewey

One of the programs that Steve has helped to conceptualize for the Foundation is the Wildlife Brigade, a team of volunteers that patrols and manages animal- human interactions in the park. Another is the Bear Box program that keeps bears wild and visitors safe by implementing bear-resistant food storage lockers at campsites throughout Grand Teton. In his new role at the Foundation, Steve will use his extensive background in wildlife biology to support projects that improve the understanding of challenges to Grand Teton’s ecosystem.