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Grand Teton National Park Foundation works in partnership with Grand Teton National Park to identify Grand Tetonís immediate and long-term funding needs. By investing in the initiatives below, our donors can play a role in enhancing and protecting Grand Teton National Park's treasured resources.

youth engagement initiative
The Youth Engagement Initiative encompasses four programs that systematically introduce Grand Teton to a younger, more diverse audience and offer escalating educational and employment opportunities that will keep students actively involved in wilderness until they make career decisions.
wildlife & natural resources initiative
The Wildlife and Natural Resource Initiative focuses on research and protection of park species, large and small. Equipment, such as GPS tracking collars, is provided by Foundation funding and aids biologists in gathering vital data that is shared across the country and used to inform park, ecosystem, state, and national decisions with the ultimate goal being long-term wildlife conservation.
Read more about: Research and Protection and our Bear Box Campaign.
craig thomas discovery & visitor center
The Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center, an innovative public-private initiative between Grand Teton National Park and Grand Teton National Park Foundation, opened August 11, 2007. The 22,000-square-foot center and its high-tech auditorium is a vastly improved year-round facility that orients, educates, and inspires, encouraging visitors to make their own discoveries once they move outdoors.
With technology playing such a central role in peopleís lives, Grand Teton National Park Foundation is making an effort to use it as a mechanism to better connect people to the park and to enhance their experience within the park.
Discover Grand Teton website provides comprehensive educational and trip-planning information, as well as up-to-date seismic activity and weather information.
TravelStorysGPS is a new, free app that shares vivid and engaging stories about the history, geology, animals and activities in Grand Teton National Park.
restoration projects
Through Inspiring Journeys: A Campaign for Jenny Lake, the Foundation is working with Grand Teton to honor the parkís extraordinary story of conservation, the long tradition of philanthropy in the park, and the National Park Serviceís 100th anniversary in 2016 by restoring the Jenny Lake area, which receives nearly 1.9 million people each year, making it the most visited day-use location in the park.
The Foundation plans to work with the park to raise funds to rehabilitate the Colter Bay Visitor Center and Indian Arts Museum and return the almost 1,500 historic American Indian artifacts, known as the David T. Vernon Collection to its home for the enjoyment of the public.
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