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The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center auditorium is open!

The new 154-seat, 3,600-square-foot auditorium was filled to capacity for its first public event on April 16, 2011—a talk by world-renowned bear biologist, Dr. Stephen Herrero. The new space serves as the launching point for a multitude of experiences through an interpretive film as well as public and private evening programs, reinforcing visitor center exhibits and introducing wild Teton moments most people will never personally see. A large window, hidden behind a theatrical curtain and a retractable projection screen, reveals the spectacular Teton Range at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled film. During a lecture or conference, the window provides a scenic backdrop for the speaker.

As Jackson Hole’s first high-definition theater, the facility offers tremendous flexibility through its projection, lighting, and surround-sound system. The venue also accommodates a variety of presentation formats, including digital film and slide shows, and a caption system will assist hearing-impaired visitors. Recycled, sustainable, and energy-efficient materials continued to be a priority for this final phase of the project.

Peter Bohlin of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson led the same team that brought the first phase of the visitor center to life. In December 2009, Bohlin was awarded the 2010 Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the profession’s highest honor an individual can receive, and joined other visionaries such as Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Frank Gehry in architectural history.

Raass Brother, Inc., along with co-contractor R&O Construction built the auditorium. The $3.2 million privately funded addition completes the visitor facility.

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